Surreal furniture by Lila Jang

The strange and surreal furniture designer and Korean artist Lila Jang, who in his last series likes to twist and distort the classic French furniture of the 18th century. Lila Jang studied design and Fine Arts in Paris in Seoul, and has already participated in numerous exhibitions worldwide.


I want my house to be filled with just this furniture and for everyone to attempt to sit down. 


Coming to the Fair? A chart shows you the distance and what it would cost, 1933, Chicago.

Don’t make me leave you in a marked grave Susie, DON’T MAKE ME. (at Susie’s Final Resting Place)


Sculptures by (from top to bottom): Adam Wallacavage, Erika Sanada, Doubleparlour, Caitlin McCormack, Kristen Egan, Wesley T. Wright and Chris Haas.

(via On View: “The Fourth World” at Arch Enemy Arts | Hi-Fructose Magazine)